Do you know the matching skills of the plate cloakroom?

The cloakroom is no stranger to everyone, and many people now design a cloakroom for the homeowner to change clothes. However, if a plate cloakroom is incompatible with the home style, then we will not feel comfortable with it. Carter Villa furniture teaches you how to match the cloakrooms in several cloakrooms.


The panel cloakroom should be customized according to the needs of consumers.

Its functional and humanized features are its outstanding advantages. Therefore, when selecting or customizing, it should be designed according to the characteristics of consumers or the functions required. Consumer demand is generally divided into functional requirements and shape requirements. In terms of functional requirements, the panel cloakroom generally has manual lifting hangers, freely adjustable shelves, pants racks, tie racks, shoe racks, etc., and consumers of different hobbies. The content and quantity of the placed items are different. For example, women with more shoes can choose to install several rows of shoe racks. The demand for hobbies mainly refers to the selection of materials, colors, styles and styles of the cloakrooms according to the needs of consumers.

The cloakroom should be unified with the home style

This is mainly reflected in the shape of the cloakroom, especially the style, color and material of the cabinet and the cabinet door. It can be more beautiful and harmonious with the overall environment of the living room. In the simple and stylish home decoration style, it is suitable to use the light-colored and modern-style plate cloakroom; while the home decoration with dignified elegance is suitable for the plate cloakroom with thick color, classical design and precious wood.

As an important part of the home decoration, the custom-made slatted cloakroom should be matched with the user's characteristics and the overall decoration style of the home. This not only helps to create a beautiful and comfortable environment, but also can more effectively exert its advantages.

The cloakroom should stack the clothing partitions

Liner <br> Putting the shirt on the sliding lining with slide rails makes it easy to see at a glance.

Ordinary drawer

Cut special clothes, such as slanted blouses, heavy hand-embellished beaded garments, and knitted sweaters. It is best to fold them in folds. The fewer creases, the better. If the folded clothing is afraid of wrinkles, you can put the tissue in the fold or place the roll on the crease.

After understanding the matching style of the cloakroom, do you think that our home has become more harmonious and comfortable?

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