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Plugging spirit is a new type of rigid waterproof plugging material. Its characteristic is that the initial setting time of coagulation hardening is very short, and the final setting time is very short. After the final coagulation, the strength is rapidly generated for 1 minute, and the intensity is greater than 10 MPa for 15 minutes and the intensity is greater than 20 MPa for 1 hour. Can bring water and quickly stop leaking. Then, Xiaobian will introduce the use of plugging spirits and the features of the plugging spirits.

Plugging Ling use method

1. First cut the leaking point or leaking seam into a vertical flare to clean up debris and loose powder and moisten it with water.

2. Add one kilogram of quick-acting plugging agent to the pot or other mixing vessel and add 0.3~0.35 kilograms of water to quickly mix the slurry. Below 5oC, stir with water above 20oC.

3, the mixing of good sealing cement on the hands feels that when the cement heat is slightly harder, it will quickly greet the direction of water leakage and continue to depress for a certain period of time before it can be released. Generally, the water can be blocked within 10 minutes.

4, after the water plugging, use the waterproof mortar to wipe the surface for 7 days.

5, for the seepage pit can be directly into the pit quickly dry plugging agent powder and then use the foot to be hardened before it can be loose feet.

6. For the severe leakage joints, use the drainage method to plug the joints first, and then block the last plugging drainage holes.

7, for large areas of leakage to find the leaking point with a quick-acting plugging agent and then use waterproof mortar to wipe the surface.

Plugging Ling Product Features

1, with water construction, moisture impermeability, rapid plugging.

2, non-toxic, harmless, no pollution.

3, the setting time is arbitrarily chosen.

4, strong adhesion, waterproof, paste once completed.

5, combined with the substrate is not aging.

Plugging Spirit Application

1. Emergency installation of machinery and equipment

2. Reservoir dam cracks seepage treatment.

3. Leakage of basement, bathroom, bath and roof

4, the tunnel culvert seepage plugging

5. Leakage in the basement, bathroom, bath and roof

6, emergency repair of various pressure pipes

Plugging Ling Construction Tools

1, clean up the base tool: chisel, hammer, wire brush, broom, bucket, tool.

2. Plugging tools: wooden rods of different diameters.

3, feeding tools: scraper, trowel, pressure plate.

4, conservation tools: basins, sprinklers.

Editor's summary: The use of plugging spirits and the features of plugging in the spirit are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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