Counting the top nine smart door lock companies in China

HC intelligent home network news in recent years, smart home constantly mentioned, the influx of a large wave of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial tide. After several years of development, in the case of people's living standards are getting higher and higher, the requirements for smart homes are becoming more and more professional, so smart homes are also subdivided into smart door locks, smart sockets, wireless charging and so on. . In this issue, we have taken stock of domestic smart door locks in this area.

Smart homes have been repeatedly mentioned in recent years, and a large wave of entrepreneurs are pouring into the tide of entrepreneurship. After several years of development, in the case of people's living standards are getting higher and higher, the requirements for smart homes are becoming more and more professional, so smart homes are also subdivided into smart door locks, smart sockets, wireless charging and so on. . In this issue, we have taken stock of domestic smart door locks in this area.

1, Ola smart door lock

Beijing Bolianke Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014. In October of the same year, Ola Smart Door Lock received an investment of 3.8 million RMB angels. Ola smart door lock is a door lock that can only use the fingerprint or WeChat to open the door. Only the thumb-size fingerprint recognition module is located at the door handle, there is no lock hole of the ordinary door lock and the swipe position of the electronic lock. With fingerprint recognition, AES-256-bit software encryption technology, door-to-door lock, cloud service management authority, and super standby.

2, Ding star smart

Ding star smart door magnetic is built by Yunding Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Founded in May 2014, Yunding is an innovative technology company focused on the smart home sector. Products include home-oriented Dingxing smart door magnets, Dingxing security door locks, and security door lock apartment and platform solutions for apartments (long-term rental, short-term rental).

Ding stare intelligent door locks adhere to the minimalist style in design, support voice configuration door locks, automatic wake-up, password authorization record query, abnormal alarm, forgetting reminder, machine and manual security protection, and added weather warnings, etc. Multiple features.

3, Hangzhou Yunyou Technology

Hangzhou Yunyou Technology is a smart home hardware technology company. It has obtained the investment founding team of well-known angels and top Internet companies from Huawei, Baidu and other leading companies. The main products are wireless networked door lock systems. Lock/access can automatically sense wearable devices/smartphones, etc., enabling automatic authentication and door opening. The current main products are: Yunyou smart door locks T1, S1, S1mini and hotel cardless solutions.

4, cloud wisdom / cloud technology

Founded in February 2013, Chengdu Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of automation and control solutions and intelligent IoT products. The business mainly involves the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service of intelligent products, providing intelligent and comprehensive solutions for various building facilities. Products include mobile phone NFC door locks, Indeo smart remote control and so on.

5, Sherlock smart sticker

Founded in April 2015, Meteorite is a team of "explorers" who love technology and innovation. Shishi Technology Co., Ltd. is determined to be the smart home with the most humanistic care, lowering the threshold of smart home, and letting more people enjoy the convenience brought by smart life is our eternal belief and pursuit.

The Sherlock Smart Sticker is the first smart home product launched by Meteor Scientific. The Sherlock Smart Lock is a smart door lock that implements four functions: free-speed installation, virtual key and rights management, 4 smart door opening methods, and instant reminder for door opening information.

6, put on the plate

The market is operated by Shenzhen Putting Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which is an Internet housing agency platform adhering to the concept of “focus on landlord service”, serving the landlord and providing real estate for the intermediary. Simplify the traditional sales process through the platform mobile phone APP and smart door lock.

7, GO + fruit plus intelligence

Founded in April 2013, Beijing Huohe Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet smart home solution provider that focuses on the smart home field and provides Go+A series smart door locks for multiple industries. Guojia Smart is the smart home brand of Beijing Huohe Technology Co., Ltd. At the recent fruit-plus conference, the smart plus door lock provided 7 unlocking modes: APP one-button unlocking, password unlocking, IC card unlocking, custom unlocking, induction unlocking, authorized unlocking, and key unlocking. It is reported that Guojia has received nearly RMB 100 rounds of financing in July this year. It has received tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round financing in September 2015. The investors are Enlighten Ventures, Plum Blossom Ventures and Amphora. Venture capital.

8, Sciener Technology Man

Sciener Technology is a mobile intelligent software and hardware product developer with 50 patent applications worldwide. The team members are from large enterprises such as Ali, Tencent and Huawei. Sciener Tech has developed a variety of smart home products that are relevant to life, including smart locks: furniture locks, smart hotel systems, access control systems, smart car locks, and life social mobile apps. Its functions are: fingerprint touch open door, mobile phone instead of key, key can be sent, keyboard password open, unlock information push, user freeze management, password setting authority, super B-class lock core.

9, put the dragon smart lock

Shenzhen Fanglong Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart door lock high-tech enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and service. It provides users with intelligent door lock products and different solutions to bring customers safer. Convenience, technology and quality of life. The current products have four major advantages: brand advantage (CCTV preferred brand), quality advantage, after-sales advantage, and cooperation advantage.

According to relevant survey data, the market share of smart locks is 50% in Europe and America, 70% in Japan, and 90% in South Korea, while the market share of smart locks in China is only 2%. With the development of science and technology, the pace of life will increase, smart homes will certainly be able to occupy the market, providing a more convenient, intelligent and safe home experience for all mankind, and the development of smart door locks will be far more than the above mentioned companies.

Editor in charge: Tian Wenjie

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