How to use air respirator

1 Preparation before use I. First open the cylinder switch before wearing it. As the pressure in the pipeline and pressure reducer system rises, you will hear the alarm sounded briefly. After the cylinder is fully opened, check the storage pressure of the air. , generally 28-30MPa.

II. Close the cylinder switch and observe the reading of the pressure gauge. The pressure drop is not more than 2 MPa within 5 minutes, indicating that the air supply pipe system is airtight and high pressure.

III. After the high-pressure system is fully airtight, press the diaphragm of the supply valve gently to observe the change of the pressure gauge. When the pressure of the cylinder drops to 4-6MPa, the alarm siren emits sound and the siren is also purged. .

2 Wear and use method I. The ventilator is behind the human body. The shoulder strap and belt can be adjusted according to the shape of the body. It is advisable to fit firmly and comfortably.

II. The lens of the full face mask should always be kept clean and bright. Connect the face mask with the restraint valve and cover it with a long collared neck. Use the front cover to cross the chest so that it can be worn and used;

III. Before use, first open the cylinder switch, check the pressure of the gas cylinder, turn off the supply switch, and then insert the quick plug;

IV. Wear a full face mask and take 2-3 breaths. Feel comfortable. The performance of the valve must be reliable. When holding the air, the supply valve should stop supplying air. Press the hand to check the open or closed state of the supply switch. When a section is normal, tighten the full face strap so that the full face and the face have good airtightness. The lace does not need to be tightened too tightly. The face should feel comfortable. At this time, take a deep breath and change the switch. Automatically open, supply the right amount of gas to the body;

V. Check whether the full cover and the face are well-fitted and airtight. The method is: Close the gas cylinder switch, take a deep breath several times, and breathe the gas in the breath. The mask should keep negative pressure in the face of the human body to move the mask. The human body feels breathing difficulty. , It has good airtightness in the face mask and the benefit breathing valve;

VI. After use, loosen the full-roller band clamp, remove the full face mask from the face, and at the same time, close the supply valve switch.

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