How do video surveillance devices prevent lightning strikes during thunderstorms?

Today, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Disaster Warning Center issued a yellow storm warning signal. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, there are heavy rains in places such as the northeastern Liaoning Province, and may be accompanied by strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds. Due to the arrival of the summer rainy season, not only Liaoning but also the country suffered heavy rain. How can video surveillance equipment prevent lightning attacks in this thunderstorm?

Liaoning again issued heavy rain yellow warning! How can video surveillance equipment prevent lightning strikes in thunderstorms?

1. Lightning protection of the front-end equipment: The front-end equipment has two distribution modes, outdoor and indoor, and the indoor distribution will not be subject to direct lightning strikes. However, it is necessary to consider the protection against lightning over-voltage against the equipment, and the outdoor equipment must be considered and prevented at the same time. Direct lightning strikes.

Front-end equipment such as cameras should be placed within the effective protection range of the lightning rod. For front-end equipment that is already within the protection scope of other lightning rods or high-rise buildings' existing lightning protection system, it is generally no longer necessary to consider direct lightning protection; for front-end equipment that is not within the protection scope of any lightning protection system, it should be considered Lightning protection problem.

2. Lightning protection of transmission lines: More than half of the monitoring system's lightning accidents are caused by lightning intruding wave overvoltages induced on the lines connected to the system. Therefore, doing well the line protection connected to the system is an important part of the overall lightning protection. The video surveillance system is mainly transmission signal lines and power lines.

The safest way of wiring should be to wear the metal pipe buried in the whole process. At the same time, note that the two ends of the metal pipe must be effectively grounded. The power supply of the camera generally uses ac220v or dc12v. The camera is powered by a DC transformer, and the single-phase power surge arrestor should be connected in series or in parallel with the front end of the DC transformer. If the transmission distance of the DC power supply is more than 15 meters, the camera end should also be connected with a low-voltage DC lightning arrester.

3. Lightning protection of terminal equipment: The lightning protection in the monitoring room is the core of the lightning protection system. It should be conducted in various ways from direct lightning strike protection, lightning intruding wave, equipotential bonding and surge protection.

The main equipments in the monitoring room include the monitoring center computer, video matrix, hard disk recorder, intercom system, and monitoring room power supply.

Monitoring system equipment room location should be selected in the lpz most advanced area and avoid the top three floors of the building; when the size of the building's sky surface lightning protection grid does not meet the requirements of the system anti-jamming, should be installed in the sky Shield. Use unshielded cables. Before entering the home, wear a metal tube and bury it in the ground at a horizontal distance of 10 meters or more. If it is impossible to wear a metal pipe buried in a house due to conditions, the length of the access shield pipe or the trestle shall be extended. Equipotential bonding and grounding shall be performed at both ends of the metal pipe or trestle bridge and at the junction of the lightning protection zone. When the monitoring system equipment is a metal shell, the shortest wire is used to connect it to the equipotential bonding tape. If it is a non-metallic shell, when the shielding of the building where the equipment is located does not meet the equipment's electromagnetic compatibility requirements, metal screens or other shields shall be installed to shield the equipment. The metal mesh shall be connected to the equipotential bonding tape for equipotential bonding. The equipments of computer, communication and monitoring equipment room should be about 1 meter away from the building's external wall protection to prevent the building from being hit by direct lightning. When the external wall leaks into the ground, a strong electromagnetic field is generated around the downhole and the microelectronic equipment is damaged.

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