Lin Xinru is pregnant for three months?

After Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua held a wedding in Bali, they went to the Nanjing Banquet Hotel yesterday (August 2nd) to return to the Ning Banquet. The two entered the arena and kissed on the stage for 10 seconds. After the kiss, Huo Tailin was careful to wipe her mouth for her husband Huo Jianhua. It was very sweet! The two quickly became "we swear", and Lin Linxi lei revealed that Lin Xinru was pregnant for 3 months. Jolin Tsai was still blessing the baby's health on the stage.


Huo Jianhua: I will love you so much.

Last night (August 2nd), the venue of the Guining Banquet was arranged with the bride's heart as the favorite pink color. The theme was "Happy Wings", and 5,000 roses were very romantic. Lin Xinru is dressed in a floral embroidered evening gown, her belly is obviously raised, and Huo Jianhua has been carefully dragging his wife; his smile is more. Two people came to the stage to give a speech, Huo Jianhua said that it feels wonderful, the two changed from a friend who has nothing to talk to a lover to get married, it is wonderful! In the audience, the audience patted his arm and kissed his wife's face for 10 seconds, affectionate Said: "I will love my heart, will go down together." Lin Xinru gently wiped his husband.

Leo Ku and his wife arrived in time to arrive

Last night (August 2nd), there were Jolin Tsai, Lin Xilei, He Rundong, etc. who went to the wedding banquet. From Hong Kong, I went to Taipei to congratulate and have the ancient giants and wives, Ying Caier and so on. Leo Kuji originally went to Taiwan the day before yesterday (August 1st). Due to the influence of the typhoon, he arrived in Taiwan yesterday afternoon (August 2nd) to attend the wedding reception. Ying Caier said that he waited for 5 hours at the airport. It was really hard to send a blessing. Lin Xilei said that she would send a girdle to Lin Xinru. After she had her postpartum, she also revealed that Lin Xinru had been pregnant for 3 months. He Rundong said that he would bring his wife to the wedding ceremony and see every detail.

Jolin Tsai blesses baby health

Jolin Tsai attended the wedding banquet and said that Lin Xinru was a very hearty girl in her heart, hoping she would always be pampered. Jolin Tsai smiled and said that everything happened very quickly. Happiness is like this. It is difficult to grasp the time. She was asked if she had a stable relationship with Jinrong. Do she want to train her wedding? She smiled and said, "I am a trainee wedding cake!" She said on the stage: "Bless your baby is very healthy!" After I finished, I found myself accidentally revealing it. It seems quite awkward, the host quickly said: "I can't say it!"

The old cadre Huo Jianhua and our Ziweige Green heart are like, both of them are responsible for the value of the face, so their little babies are also deeply expected by everyone. So, what kind of baby room should be prepared for the baby after the baby is born, how to buy baby furniture? What is the difference between the furniture used by the baby and the home used by the adult?

Today's parents are caring for their children. Whether they are living or studying, they want to create a good environment for their children. Among them, the child's living environment will greatly affect the growth of the child. The child is different from the height of the adult, especially the child in childhood, so the furniture used by the child has many differences with adults.

The cute and multi-teen furniture is the best-selling brand under the Beijing Jide Weiye Furniture Company. Jade Weiye Furniture Factory was founded in 1986 in the capital of China's political and cultural center, Beijing. It has established a furniture production base with a construction area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters in the Heizhuanghu Industrial Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It has professional R&D, production, sales and brand promotion. More than 200 people, with industry-leading furniture manufacturing technology, strict marketing mechanism, perfect production control system, strong market expansion capabilities and a sound after-sales service system, product sales network and image display hall covering all parts of the country.

Since many parents are more concerned about the environmental protection of furniture, they are also concerned about whether the products are environmentally friendly when choosing children's furniture. The products produced by the lovely multi-teen furniture have created a full set of services for the children, and the materials used in the lovely multi-products are all environmentally friendly. In the processing stage, the use of adhesive glue and toxic paint is also minimized, and the products are guaranteed. Environmental performance. The lovely products have passed the international IS9001 quality certification and won the honor of national high quality environmental protection products. Lovely furniture allows children to live in a healthy and pollution-free environment.

Cute and multi-teen furniture, as furniture designed for teenagers, is of course of many types. The cute multi-brand has color series, pine series and Korean series products. The company's product style is mainly lively and fashionable. Taking into account the needs of young people's physical and mental growth, the elements such as shape and color are skillfully used to create a brand. Another stylish and beautiful product. The company cooperates with many European design companies. At the same time, the products are novel and unique, and they also form their own unique style, which ensures that the company's products are in a leading position in the industry.

The above is the information about Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru's baby reported by Xiaobian, and how to choose children's furniture, how to make children's furniture, I want to help everyone, more relevant information, so stay tuned for the best. Track reports.

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