Fingerprint lock can be unreliable, mainly depends on the following points

The reliability of the fingerprint lock is mainly the security performance of the fingerprint lock. The security performance of the fingerprint lock mainly comes from the security of “the accuracy of fingerprint recognition, the stability of electronic components, and the stability of the ferrule”.

Fingerprint identification accuracy

At present, the accuracy of industry fingerprint identification mainly has two references, namely, the true rate and the false rate. According to the true rate, the fingerprint lock rejects the probability of actually recording the fingerprint. The false alarm rate is just the opposite of the true rate, which is the probability that the fingerprint lock accepts the non-recorded fingerprint. At present, these two kinds of probabilities are not low or high in the industry, and the probability between enterprises is very different. It is generally believed that a true rate and a false rate of less than 5% and five parts per million are acceptable ranges.

The probability of this is mainly determined by the resolution of the fingerprint recognition module. The current industry-recognized resolution standard is 500dpi, which is a low standard for ensuring clear, safe and reliable under the existing technical conditions. It is clearer and more accurate.

Stability of electronic components

Fingerprint lock is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Electronic technology plays a decisive role in fingerprint locks, and its stability directly affects the security of fingerprint locks. If the electronic part is unstable, when you operate, the fingerprint lock may be unresponsive or perform other operations, and your instructions are innocent.

For example, when you close the door, the electronic components are unstable and there is no lock command. Then the door is closed and not locked. It can be opened with a light push. This is a danger to the owner.

The stability of the ferrule

The ferrule is the force point of the whole lock, which is an important part of the lock. The stability of the ferrule is the weight of the whole lock. If the ferrule is not stable, just use a few ankles to complete the egg, even if the technology of the fingerprint lock It has also reached the height of no one can rival.

The stability of the ferrule depends mainly on the material of the ferrule. At present, there are three main materials for the ferrule in the industry, namely zinc alloy, iron and stainless steel. Zinc alloy is lighter in weight and easier to shape, and is popular with customers. The price is cheap and has a high strength, so it is often used as a ferrule material.

Global hardware network

Concerned about surprises

Label: Fingerprint lock can be unreliable Mainly look at the following points

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