Commonly used stainless steel pipe leak how to do

As one of the main building materials for homes, stainless steel pipes are the best choices in materials, quality and other aspects. Before stainless steel is used as the main material, it is strictly tested and tested. After the method is feasible, it will be used for water pipe production. The indicators of the test show that the stainless steel pipe has a very low water leakage rate. As the channel for water transmission, the water leakage rate was reduced from 17% to 7%. In the vibration test, stainless steel water pipes were even better.

Stainless steel pipe advantages

1. Health and health

Stainless steel materials are both healthy and environmentally friendly. The use of stainless steel pipes is the most beneficial to both physical and mental health. All indicators are in line with national standards for drinking water standards. Stainless steel pipe wall is smooth, long-term use will not be fouling, not easy to be bacterial contamination, no need to worry about the impact of water quality, but also to prevent secondary pollution of water.

2. Material selection

All stainless steel pipes use 304, 316L, 304L, and 316 material grades that meet the requirements of JIS 4305. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

3. Durable

The surface of stainless steel is affixed with a chromium-rich oxide film, which makes all stainless steel pipes have good corrosion resistance, even if used underground. The field corrosion test data shows that the service life of stainless steel water pipes can reach 100 years, and almost no maintenance is required during the life cycle, which avoids the cost and trouble of pipe replacement and the low comprehensive utilization cost.

4 high temperature, high pressure

Stainless steel works safely for a long time at temperatures from -270°C to 400°C. No harmful substances are precipitated and the performance is stable. Stainless steel pipes have a tensile strength of more than 530 N/mm, and they have good ductility and toughness. The high strength of stainless steel water pipes greatly reduces the possibility of leakage due to external forces, significantly reduces the water leakage rate, and effectively protects and utilizes water resources.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, with low resistance, reducing losses and reducing costs. Due to the low thermal expansion coefficient of stainless steel, the thermal energy loss is effectively reduced in hot water pipes. Stainless steel is a 100% renewable material that does not cause harm to the environment.

6. Wide range

Stainless steel water pipe application in what areas? Stainless steel pipes are widely used in piping systems such as cold water, hot water, drinking water, air, gas, chemical, and water treatment.

7. Economical and practical

Why are stainless steel pipes economical and practical? Since the invention of stainless steel in the 20th century, stainless steel has been regarded as a universal material. At present, in the price ratio of various material pipes, the best is stainless steel pipes. This is related to the superior properties of stainless steel such as corrosion resistance, high strength, and strong impact resistance. Its service life can be said to be the same as the life of a building. One investment, benefiting for life, can be described as "one for all."


Stainless steel pipe installation

1, the family decoration is usually used PPR pipes, brass, steel and plastic pipes. In general, steel pipe prices are higher, but PPR pipe parts have higher prices. The price of copper pipes is about 4 times that of PPR pipes and is the most expensive water pipe.

2. Do not pave the water pipe from the ground. Try to run the cable from the top or the wall. Although the amount of pipe used will be more, the pipeline maintenance will be more convenient in the future.

3, to separate hot and cold water pipes, because the cold and hot water pipe wall thickness is different, the cold water pipe is absolutely not hot water pipe, the easy way to distinguish between the two is a hot water pipe marked with a red line.

4, home decoration hose should pay attention to the difference between the diameter and wall thickness, usually the main pipe to use 6 in charge, in charge of 4 in charge.

5, home improvement When buying stainless steel pipe, pay attention to the inside diameter of the pipe or not, if the diameter of the pipe is not uniform, it must be replaced. Because this will affect the docking of the two interfaces.

6. According to the national regulations, the newly installed water supply pipeline should be pressurized according to the relevant regulations. The test pressure of the plastic pipe is 0.8 MPa, and the pressure is regulated for 20 minutes. The pressure drop in the pipe should not exceed 0.05 MPa and there is no leakage. The test pressure of metal and its composite pipes is 0.6 MPa, and the pressure is stabilized for 10 minutes. The pressure drop in the pipe should not exceed 0.02 MPa and there is no leakage.

Note: Before construction and installation, according to the design drawings and the measured length of the pipe on the site, accurate connection should be made with different connection methods to establish the installation sequence. Pre-assembled.


Stainless steel pipe leak how to do

Stainless steel pipe leak how to do? First of all, if it is the water pipe leakage, check whether the aging, the screws are loose, first close the angle valve, remove the hot and cold water pipes, find the problem. If it is a corner valve or hot and cold water pipe damaged or rusted, it can only be replaced, and it is not expensive.

Stainless steel pipe leak how to do? Then the sink leaks. The water leaking from the sink may be due to damage to the stainless steel plate in the sink or leaking at the connection between the drain and the drain. If the sink is damaged, holes less than 2mm can be directly coated with waterproof putty. If the hole is less than 5mm, it is recommended to use tin plate as a splint and apply waterproof putty in the middle. If the hole is bigger, it is highly recommended or changed!

Stainless steel pipe leak how to do? The last is the leakage of the sewage system, which may be water leakage or water leakage. If it is a water leak, then remove it and check carefully if the rubber mat is not fully cushioned or aging is lost. If it is leaking from the drain pipe, check if the turnbuckle is loose and if the drain pipe is aging. If the sewage pipes age, there is no need for repairs. The ordinary method is unstoppable, and a new set of sewage pipes will cost tens of dollars.

However, there may be gaps in the contact area between the sink and the countertop, so you can dispose of the previous glass glue and reapply the glass glue until it is solidified.

Editor's summary: Stainless steel is a healthy material that can be implanted into the body, so the use of stainless steel tubing is the most beneficial to the water supply. Soaking water test, the indicators are in line with national drinking water standards. Stainless steel pipe wall is smooth, long-term use will not be fouling, not easy to be bacterial contamination, no need to worry about the impact of water quality, but also to prevent secondary pollution of water.

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CAS No. 497-18-7                                       EINECS 207-837-2

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Silica (SiO2)


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