What is the bar stool?

The bar stool is invented by Mr. Zhu Zengxiang, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong. The lacing tool advocated by Master Xiao Hongci, the author of "Medical World", is a self-healing health tool for white-collar, middle-aged and other lumbar and cervical vertebrae. It can be implemented indoors and outdoors. It is a self-medication device that provides immediate results for a variety of fashionable diseases caused by modern derivatives such as computers, air conditioners, and automobiles. Today, Go Jiaju.com Xiaobian takes you to understand the bar stool.


With the popularization of the knowledge of lacing, and the effect of lacing gradually accepted by people, the lacing stool equipment has also appeared in a diversified pattern.

The direct effect of lacing is pain, detoxification, and enhanced sexual function. The indirect effects are numerous. What is the principle?

The direction of the twelve tendons is the same as that of the twelve meridians, so the meridians at the tendons are not open, and the pain is not acceptable. During the process of stretching, there will be pain in the ankle, inner thigh, and armpit, indicating that the neck is weak, and the corresponding meridian is not smooth. The lacing makes the ribs softer, and the dislocation on the spine is reset, so that the bones are soft and sturdy, and the pain, numbness and swelling of the waist, knees, limbs and all parts of the body are eliminated and slowed down;


The lacing can open the Du Meridian and the bladder of the back, which is of great significance to health. Because the Du Meridian is the meeting of the Sun, the passage of vitality, the pulse is strengthened by the kidney, and the kidney is the innate source of essence. People's energy and sexual ability depend on the power of kidney function. The Du Meridian is on the spine, and the spinal cord goes straight to the brain, so the spine is inextricably linked to brain diseases. Ren Duo's two veins are a circular circle in the human body. The bladder is the largest detoxification system in the human body. It is also an important barrier against the cold. When the bladder is smooth, the cold is difficult to invade. The internal poison is discharged at any time. The symptoms such as obesity, constipation, acne and pigmentation are naturally eliminated and slowed down. The bladder is also the sputum of the sputum. That is, the bladder on both sides of the spine passes through each acupuncture point with the same name as the viscera. Unblocking the bladder naturally benefits all organs. According to Western medical theory, the main nerves and blood vessels that connect the brain and the organs are attached to the spine and the bones on both sides. Unblocking the spine up and down naturally clears many visible fortresses, obstacles, and invisible mines and traps.

The bar stools are carefully crafted with specially treated wood and their natural properties are in line with the repair and care of the human skeleton and tendons. The advantage of applying for a patented bar stool is that it is long, wide and moderate, and the lacing effect is better than that on the chair and the door frame. With the lacing of the bar stool, the rib can be softened and can be used for the neck and the back. The waist and legs play a role in loosening the muscles, promoting blood circulation and regulating qi, and are beneficial to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, kidney disease, liver disease, frozen shoulder, insomnia, personality stubbornness, and irritability.

The bar stools are now available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are roughly divided into: solid wood bar stools, metal bar stools, which are divided into one-piece, disassembled, and folding.

The above is the knowledge of the lacing stool that Xiaobian has organized for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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