If you change the 10,000 yuan sofa, you can make your grandson a talented person? Olange Furniture: The one who bought my sofa is a rich man.

Original title: Salesperson's sentence "a generation of generations of the beam" Grandpa insisted on spending 10,000 yuan for the sofa

Grandson's grades are not good, I want to use boxwood "town house"

"The sofa is not bad, he has to change." During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Mr. Fang, who lives in the Phoenix City neighborhood near Jiyu Bridge in Wuchang, was a bit worried. The 64-year-old father of the family had to change the sofa that had been used for less than three years at home because he had heard a salesman selling furniture. For this reason, the father and son also had a big fight. Yesterday, Mr. Fang called this reporter, he wanted to know if the salesperson used the gimmick to “seduce” the customer, whether it was a false sale. In this regard , Olange furniture looked at his own sofa, can only smirk, it can still have such a black heart sales technique, after all, still young.


Mr. Fang, 39, is a management company in Guanggu. Three years ago, Mr. Fang would have lived in Wuhan with his father in Xiaogan. Since Mr. Fang and his wife were busy, the son of elementary school had always been the father’s care.

On the 16th, Mr. Fang’s father accompanied the neighbors who had to be renovated upstairs to go to a home building materials store in Yujiatou to see furniture. The two came to the store on the third floor of the mall to sell the Olange sofa . The salesman recommended a gray leather sofa for them. Although the two old people were quite satisfied, they still had 12,000 yuan when they heard the discount. Fang Wei and his neighbors are planning to leave.

"Our sofa is called 'the generation of generations.'" The salesman saw the two old people to go, and quickly added, and Mr. Fang’s father and neighbors who heard this sentence also stopped. The salesman said that this sofa is different from ordinary leather sofas, and the armrests and frames on both sides are made of boxwood. "In the old saying, the family has a boxwood, and the generations have a beam. Many people want to name this." Under the salesman's lobbying, the neighbor selected the sofa, and paid the deposit, did not think Fang Fang also heart.

"My dad came back and told me to change the sofa." Mr. Fang was a little embarrassed by the sudden request of the father who had always been thrifty. Fang also told his son that his grandson’s performance has not always been very good. Maybe there is no boxwood. ".

After Mr. Fang clarified the original reason, he checked it on the brand website. This sofa does not have the name of “the generation of generations”. Mr. Fang thinks that this is a means of sales, it is nonsense, and it is necessary to change the sofa at home. However, Fang Wei felt that his son was reluctant to spend money, regardless of the development of his children, the father and son had a big fight.

In this regard, lawyers said that operators need to provide consumers with true and comprehensive information about the quality, performance, use, and expiration date of goods or services, and must not make false or misleading propaganda. The sales staff seized the psychological sales sofa that the old man hoped that the younger generation would become talented. It is not objective.

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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