Toray utilizes electrolyte membranes to compress hydrogen gas more efficiently than compressors

Toray utilizes electrolyte membrane to compress hydrogen and is more efficient than compressor

Figure 1: Hydrogen compression device using electrolytic membrane

Figure 2: Hydrogen Compressor Zone

Toray displayed the technique of introducing hydrogen gas into the electrolyte membrane for compression at the company's in-house exhibition "Toray Advanced Materials Exhibition 2016" (Tokyo International Forum, October 6-8). It is possible to make a compression device without a mechanical movement part, and the energy efficiency during compression is also higher than that of a mechanical compressor. According to Toray, the advantage of the new technology is that it can be compressed to several tens of MPa.

The gas-tightness of the electrolyte membrane is good, the catalyst is added on both sides, and the voltage is applied in the middle. At the positive electrode, hydrogen molecules release electrons in the catalyst layer into hydrogen ions, and after passing through the electrolytic film, they move to the negative electrode, and at the negative electrode, electrons are reduced to hydrogen molecules. Through this process, hydrogen molecules move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode. Although the anode pressure can be increased to a certain extent due to the strength of the electrolyte membrane, Toray said, “The goal is to reach 90 MPa, as with ordinary hydrogen compressors.” In addition, the new technology has the advantage that, because there is no moving part, it is easy to take measures to prevent hydrogen embrittlement of the device and it is easy to maintain. (Reporter: Kizaki Kentaro)

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