Environmental sanitation management regulations for dust-free workshop renovation

In the dust-free workshop transformation production process to do a good job in health monitoring and management, to prevent cross-contamination, play an important role in product quality, so the quality of clean room clean room process hygiene management system.

First, the purpose:

In the dust-free workshop transformation production process to do a good job in health monitoring and management, to prevent cross-contamination, play an important role in product quality, so the quality of clean room clean room process hygiene management system.

Second, the scope: for the flow of people in the clean room, logistics and workshop environment, the management of other elements related to clean facilities

Third, the working procedures:

1. Personnel entering the clean area must undergo a physical examination and obtain a health certificate before they can be employed. They should be reviewed once a year. If they are not qualified, they must be transferred. Workers with colds are not allowed to work in the clean area.

2. The area occupied by each person in the clean area shall not be less than 4 square meters.

3. Management of work clothes in the clean area can be found in the Management System of Work Areas in Clean Areas.

4, after the day after work, the clean room renovation should be disinfected with UV light for 60 minutes, and fill in the "UV lamp disinfection record" with formaldehyde fumigation once a month, half an hour, and fill in the "fumigation record"

5. People must flow out into the clean area in accordance with the following procedures and requirements.

People enter ------- change shoes ----- take off the coat ------ wash hands ------ wear clean clothes ------- hand disinfection ------- Wind forest

Clean area ------ go out ------ take off clean clothes - ------ wear outerwear ----- change shoes ------- people out

6. The preparation of disinfectant is carried out by a special person and disinfected with 0.3 disinfectant.

7. Logistics entering the clean area must be carried out in accordance with the following procedures and requirements:

Item-----Unpacking room-----Double-layer transfer window--Clean area-------Double-layer transfer window--Packing room

8. Parts and raw and auxiliary materials entering the clean area must be unpacked through the double-layer transfer window, and the products produced must be sealed from the transfer window after being sealed by packaging.

9. After work every day, the operator should do the work of the countertop, the ground, the stool, clean the ceiling of the wall every week, and fill in the “cleanroom record of clean room”

10. No nails may be left in the clean area, nail polish shall not be applied, rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces shall not be worn, no food shall be allowed, no loud noises shall be allowed, and work clothes shall not be worn to leave the clean area or wear uniforms to enter the clean area. Masks must be worn

11. The turnover box of the clean area should be used with a non-porous cover box, and should not be used with the turnover box in the non-clean area.

12. Under the premise of ensuring the cleanliness, the turnover box should be cleaned no less than once a week to ensure its cleanliness and fill in the “Working Instrument Cleaning and Disinfection Record”.

13. The tooling in the clean area is to be maintained by the operator after work every day, keeping the tooling clean.

14. Compressed air used for inspection and production in clean areas must be purified.

15. Renovation of clean room in the production process, spare parts falling on the ground must be cleaned before reuse, the product should not be mopped when assembling

16. The clean room operator must disinfect the hand with alcohol every 2 hours to prevent the sweat or skin loss from affecting the product quality.

17. When you get off work every day, you must put the product in the turnover box and cover it to prevent pollution.

18. The lighting device in the purification workshop is inspected and maintained once every two months to ensure the completeness, cleanliness and illumination of the use.

19. UV lamps should be numbered separately, and the time of their initial use should be recorded. The cumulative use time should be replaced after more than 800 hours of use. The UV intensity can also be tested once a year. If the strength is less than that, it should be replaced. The lamps should be wiped once a week with alcohol. And make a record

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10W Mini Glue Gun Ptc Heating Features:

1. Versatile

2. Easy

3. Quick

4. Proective Nozzle Cover

5. Trigger Flow Control

6. Bonds instantly

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General Safety Information:

1. Check if the plug cord was in good condition, and if there is stand before plug into the electrical outlet ; Check if the used glue gun has glue flow through back of the tunnel;

2. wait 5-10 minutes to allow glue to soften, stand up the glue gun on the table when not in use;

3. Touch nozzle to any clean, dry surface you wish to bond, to avoid any impurity stop the nozzle;

4. If the glue could not flow from the nozzle when the glue gun start to work, check if the glue gun are heating;

If glue gun can not be heated, there are following reasons:
1 Plug cord into electrical outlet not properly;
2 Glue gun has been destroyed owing to inner cord short circuit;

If glue gun can be heated, there are following reasons: Nozzle has been stopped by any impurity, ask careerman to manage it.

5. Do not use the glue gun under moist climate, humidity will affect insulation and cause electric shock;

6. Do not touch the nozzle or melted glue;

7. Do not remove out the melted glue stick from the tunnel back side, it will damaged the glue gun as well as scalding person hands.

8. Do not to disassemble or assemble any glue gun accessories freely, it will cause glue gun do not work properly;

9. Keep out of reach of children and stocked it beyond any of Children palpable side;

10. Only used for melting glue stick, no other usage;

11. When in use, there are any glue flow back from tunnel, stop using immediately, wait for careerman clean the glue;

12. Close the power if the glue gun not in use after 15 minutes;

Important Caution:

1. Before use the glue gun, check if the plug cord into electrical outlet properly;

2. When glue gun in first use, the heating element will have small smoke, it is normal situation, but the smoke will disappeared after 10 minutes;

3. After power, not for a long time in standby mode(not longer for 20 minutes), when the suspension of use, unplug first.

4. Avoid to use the glue gun under very hot or very cold environments.

5. Better not work under direct cold wind blowing, it will reduce efficiency and loss power

6. When in continuous using, do not press the trigger with great pressure, and try to squeeze out the un-melted glue, it would damage the glue gun

7. Not applicable for bonding heavy objects or objects needed strong adhesive

8. The quality of glue stick will directly influence the glue gun function and sticking objects quality;

9. If the power cord is damaged, do not replace it by yourself, must ask for professionals to replace it.

10. This tools must b e placed in its position when not in use. And storage before the tools complete cooled.

11. Be careful when using any other electrical appliance with flammable material.

12. Not applicable for a long time in the same place.

13. Do not use an explosive gas atmospheres.

14. Note that heat may be the line of sigh, combustible materials.

15. Do not leave equipment unattended when switched on.

16. This appliance is not intended for use by persons(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

17. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Using methods

1. Glue gun using voltage is 110-220V AC,50/60Hz;

2. Tip gun forward on stand and place a piece of cardboard under the nozzle

3. Use 7-8mm (mini trigger glue gun), 11-12(big trigger glue gun), insert glue sticks through
tunnel at back of gun

4. After power, wait for 5-10 minutes to allow glue to soften

After glue softens, squeeze trigger to feed glue through glue barrel. Excessive force will damage glue gun. Put down nozzle after work, disconnect the power plug

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