Talk about AC and DC high voltage divider operation instructions

Yangzhou City Ficut Electric Co., Ltd. FRC series of high-voltage measuring instrument used in high-power low-temperature drift resistance, low temperature coefficient of high-voltage capacitors combined. With high measurement accuracy, small temperature difference coefficient, stable performance and so on.
AC and DC high voltage divider operating instructions;
1. Open the aluminum alloy box and take out the pressure divider barrel, pressure equalizing ball, special digital measuring instrument and special cable. 2. Place the splitter cylinder with the base in a safe and reliable manner, and install the second section of the pressure divider cylinder and pressure equalizing sphere in turn (see Figure 1). 3. Connect the ground wire securely to the “ground” terminal of the voltage divider base. 4. Connect the high voltage lead under test to the pressure equalizing ball at the top of the voltage divider. 5. Insert one end of the special cable into the output hole of the voltage divider, and the other end into the voltage measurement hole of the measuring instrument, pay attention to the tightness. 6. According to the high pressure to be measured, select the position where the measuring instrument was thrown. 7. Load high pressure and record data. 8. After depressurizing for a period of time, the main can remove the experimental line until the measuring instrument shows zero.
Yangzhou City Ficut Electric Co., Ltd. AC and DC high voltage divider Product features:
1. Imported filling materials are used to make the structure smaller, lighter in weight, and the internal partial discharge is minimized
2. The series AC-DC digital high-voltage meter has high input impedance and good linearity
3. The digital high-voltage meter is connected to the high-voltage measuring terminal through the instrument line, which can realize long-distance clear readings and is safe and convenient to use.
4. Adopt special shielding technology to reduce the influence of high pressure on the indication value, thus achieving high stability and high linearity

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