Horizontal slurry pump fault Daquan, horizontal slurry pump troubleshooting

In the process of using horizontal slurry pump, you may encounter a variety of different faults, and today Xiaobian to collect and organize the relevant information, to share with you, hope you can help! Horizontal slurry pump Failure Daquan, horizontal slurry pump troubleshooting First, no water or intermittent water or less water (1) Failure: the motor does not start Treatment: Troubleshooting circuit to identify the cause of the stuck and removed (2) Failure: the pipeline (3) Failure: pipeline rupture Method: repair rupture (4) Fault: suction nozzle exposed surface Treatment: decentralized submersible pump, if it is not water, may be (5) Failure: Submersible pump steering the opposite way: Exchange any two connectors (6) Fault: impeller mouth ring and seal ring wear Treatment: replacement of the new impeller, seal ring Second, Current is too large or ammeter pointer swing (1) Fault: flow, low head out of the range of use, the motor overload method: to reduce traffic (2) fault: wear motor graphite bearings, pump shaft Bearing or sleeve wear and tear disposal methods: replacement of new bearings or bushings (3) Failure: Thrust bearing wear, impeller under the seat Remedy: Replace the thrust bearing or thrust plate (4) Fault: pump shaft bending, bearing different heart Treatment method: the pump shaft bending Third, the motor winding geothermal insulation resistance of less than 0.5 megohms (1) Failure: aging or damaged wire insulation treatment method: open the winding, tape damage damaged or rewound the new coil (2 ) Failure: Cable breakage method: Find damaged, re-bandage with self-adhesive tape (3) Failure: Failure of sealed joints Disassembly, pick up, re-banding Fourth, the motor can not start and there is a buzz ( 1) Malfunction: wire breakage or switch disconnection (single-phase operation) Remedy: Repair broken wire, connect fuse (2) Fault: motor guide shaft bearing treatment method: Repair or replace bearing, repair shaft (4) Failure: voltage is too low Treatment: adjust the voltage Fifth, the motor vibration (1) Fault: motor rotor imbalance Method: rotor action Balance (2) failure: impeller imbalance method: impeller for static balance (3) failure: pump shaft bending method of treatment: Straightening (4) failure: bearing (sleeve) wear and tear treatment methods: replacement of bearings, Motor winding burned (1) Fault: lack of water within the motor Treatment: Attention must be filled with water (2) Fault: single-phase operation Processing method: Check the adjustment Start protective equipment to ensure that the motor (3) Failure: Methods: buck load, so that current and voltage can not exceed the nameplate (Editor: Huang Nengwen QQ:)

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