Storage, transportation and storage of high-strength bolted joints

The high-strength bolt is the same as the ordinary bolt. It is a kind of fastener with strong fastening ability. Its storage, transportation and storage requirements are relatively high. According to its fastening principle, it must be required from the factory to the pre-installation. Maintain the factory state of the high-strength bolt connection pair, that is, keep the torque coefficient and standard deviation of the high-strength bolt connection pair of the same batch of large hexagons unchanged; keep the axial force and standard deviation of the torsion-shear high-strength bolt connection pair unchanged. It should be said that for the large hex head bolt connection pair, if the state changes, it can be remedied by adjusting the construction torque, but there is no chance of remediation for the torsion shear type high-strength bolt connection pair, only the torque method or the corner method is used. To solve.

Factors affecting the fastening quality of high-strength bolted joints:

Storage and storage requirements for high-strength bolted joints:

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