Small problems that are easily overlooked by pesticide spraying

1, according to the temperature and its changing trend to determine the time of fight

Whether it is a plant or an insect or a pathogen, 20-30 ° C, especially 25 ° C, is its most suitable activity temperature. At this time, it is more effective to fight the pests and diseases in the active period and to make the crops safer.

(1) In the summer hot season, the time of fight should be before 10 am and after 4 pm.

(2) Spring and autumn cool season, should be selected before 10 o'clock in the morning after 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

(3) In the greenhouse in winter and spring, it is best to choose to fight in the morning in sunny weather.

2, according to the humidity and its changing trend to determine the time of fight

After the liquid sprayed from the nozzle is deposited on the target, it needs to be unfolded to form a uniform film to cover the surface of the target to the greatest extent, thereby "masking" the pests on the target. The deposition of the liquid from sediment to deployment can be affected by a variety of factors, with a greater impact of air humidity.

(1) The humidity of the air is small, and the moisture in the medicine drops will quickly evaporate into the air, and even if the liquid is spread on the target, this will of course reduce the efficacy and even the burning stain.

(2) If the humidity of the air is too large, the liquid medicine deposited on the surface of the plant, especially the large droplets, will easily condense into larger droplets, and the secondary sedimentation of the plant affected by gravity will also cause phytotoxicity.

Therefore, the time of the fight in a day needs to follow two principles, one is that the air humidity is slightly dry, and the other is that after the fight, the liquid can form a dry film on the target surface before sunset.

3, the three common illusions of fighting drugs

(1) Determine the amount of the drug in each bucket of water only by the dilution factor

Most people are accustomed to calculating the amount of medicine in each bucket of water by dilution factor, which is actually not very reliable. The reason why it is necessary to control and calculate how much medicine is added to the medicine box is because it is necessary to calculate the dosage of the medicine in the unit area to ensure good drug efficacy and safety to plants and the environment.

Special reminder: After adding the amount of medicine in each barrel of water according to the dilution factor, it is necessary to calculate the details of several barrels of water per acre and the speed of spraying.

At present, due to the constraints of the labor force, many people tend to add drugs to the liquid tank, and quickly spray, this method of putting the cart before the horse is obviously wrong.

The most reasonable measure is to choose a device with better spray performance, or according to the product manual, carefully spray.

(2) The closer the nozzle is to the target, the better the efficacy will be.

After the liquid is ejected from the nozzle, it collides with the air and ruptures into smaller droplets. The result is that the droplets become smaller and smaller as a result of stumbling.

That is to say, the farther away from the nozzle, the smaller the droplet is within a certain distance. Small droplets are easier to deposit and spread on the target. Therefore, it does not mean that the nozzle is more closely attached to the plant.

In general, the spray head of the knapsack electric sprayer should be kept at a distance of 30-50 cm from the target, and the motorized sprayer should be kept at a distance of about 1 m. According to the performance of the sprayer and its nozzle, the spray nozzle allows the mist to fall. On the target, the effect will be better.

(3) The finer the droplets, the better the efficacy will be.

The droplets are not as small as possible, and the size of the droplets is related to their better distribution, deposition and spreading on the target. If the droplets are too small, they will float in the air and it will be difficult to deposit on the target. This will definitely cause waste. If the droplets are too large, the liquid falling on the ground will increase and waste.

Therefore, according to the control object and the space environment in which it is controlled, it is necessary to select suitable spray equipment and nozzles, and to control the diseases and pests such as whitefly, mites and other tiny pests in a relatively closed shed, and to control these pests and diseases in the open field. When you have time, you have to choose a device with a larger fog and a nozzle. The fog machine is obviously not suitable.

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