What are the characteristics of Beilang sanitary ware and Kohler which are the two brands?

There are many brands of sanitary ware, such as Braun, Kohler, Hengjie, Wrigley, Faenza, etc. This leads to a lot of people are very confused when buying, do not know which brand to choose better, so today Xiaobian to Let's talk about how Braun and Kohler are good ? Let's take a look at the characteristics of the two brands of sanitary ware.

1. Belang bathroom and Kohler which is good

Which is better than Braun bathroom and Kohler ? Braun bathroom is Germany's century-old bathroom brand Dietsche's high-end bathroom sub-brand, relatively small number of people, not widely known, but its design and manufacturing quality are very good, and Kohler bathroom Is a well-known American brand, it is well-known in the country, of course, quality is also good, good and bad is not easy to distinguish.

2. What are the characteristics of these two brands?

a, Germany Beilang bathroom

Belang bathroom has a unique design style and unparalleled ability to achieve, is widely respected in the industry, and its design is very unique, to create an industry personalized, timeless bathroom products, and Beilang bathroom as Germany Card, its quality is very reliable.

There are a lot of products in Beilang, such as bathroom furniture, shower rooms, ceramics, bathtubs and bathroom hardware or accessories. Their quality can reach the standard of national laboratories, but the price of Beilang bathroom is quite expensive, like shellfish. The reference price for the Long-lived lavatory faucet is RMB 4,5980.00, the reference price for the Braun-Anhui Shower-Bathtub faucet is RMB 4,5599.00, and the reference price for the Braun-An-Sun shower suit is RMB 2,9330.00.

The production system of Belang sanitary ware is advanced, with exquisite craftsmanship and originality design are quality assurance.

b. American Kohler bathroom

Kohler bathroom bathtub products are more distinctive, its variety of styles, rich in form, with a long, round, oval, a variety of skirts and other design styles, very elegant and noble design, its design style is also a variety of Whether classical, luxurious, fresh, simple, romantic, modern, etc.

Kohler's sanitary ware is perfect in its pursuit of perfection, and its quality is hidden in the details. Its unique human design is superb. It uses special non-slip polishing technology with cast iron to make it safer to use.

However, Kohler bathroom is also a representative of high prices, especially the highest price of cast iron bathtubs, its hardness and thermal insulation are less than the acrylic cylinder. And the glaze's smoothness and flatness are very much noticed.

Editor's Note: The above is about Beilang bathroom and Kohler which is good and the two brands have their own characteristics of the introduction, although there are many bathroom brands, but want to buy a suitable one is not easy, which requires a good comparison of Caixing, I hope the sharing of Xiaobian can help everyone.

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