Crown Beads Ceramics is Better Than Canopy Ceramics Features and Benefits

Home decoration will use ceramics, a decoration material that cannot be ignored. Ceramics give a nice feeling and are very popular with everyone. There are many brands of ceramics on the market, and Guanzhu Ceramics is one of the famous brands. Well, Guanzhu ceramics is good or not ? How is the price of Guanzhu ceramics? Guanzhu ceramics is not estimated by many people, but in the domestic market, Guanzhu ceramics is still very popular. Therefore, many people still choose the crown. Bead ceramics, however, some people are not very familiar with the price of Guanzhu ceramics, so we need to understand whether Guanzhu ceramics are good or not . Only by understanding these can we know if Guanzhu Ceramics is suitable.

Guanzhu Ceramics is good - Introduction

Brand Name: Guan Zhu GUANZHU, tile / floor tile ten major products, wall tiles porcelain top ten brands, antique brick top ten brands, top ten brands of polished tiles, top ten brands of glazed tiles, top ten brands of microcrystalline stone.

Brand birthplace: Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Company Name: Guangdong New Pearl Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

Registered registered capital: 1,200 million yuan

New Pearl Ceramics Group, which lasted for 24 years, was devoted to creating a tile brand. With solid strength and competitive advantage, it has maintained steady growth for 24 consecutive years. It is one of the brands that have built a competitive advantage in the ceramic industry.

1. Macro scale

Built in 1993, the registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan has been developed into a modern enterprise. The existing five major production bases, three major industrial parks and more than 22,000 employees have formed over 60 production lines and over 200 million square meters of annual production capacity.

More than 5,000 distribution outlets worldwide, more than 20,000 stores. Inspired by the charm of Guanzhu Ceramics, consumers who use the Guanzhu products to decorate homes are growing at a rate of 1 million per year.

2. Excellent quality

For 24 years, we are committed to the pursuit of quality. Strictly follow the principle of specialized production, raw material selection, process refinement, each block has more than 600 processes, product quality is excellent, superior performance.

Persist in creating comfortable homes for millions of families, making the home a paradise for children and a harbor for their loved ones.

3. Affordable prices

Large-scale operation + group procurement, product quality, supply stability, cost-effective feedback to consumers, among many brands come to the fore, won the majority of consumers.

4. Honor and honor

With unremitting efforts and continuous growth, it has been praised by people at all levels and has won widespread recognition from consumers. Has won the "Guangdong Province famous trademarks, Guangdong Province, the contract and re-credit enterprises, ceramic quality products," and other honors, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, building materials, environmental protection product certification.

Successfully bid and use the products in key projects such as Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Liede New Village, and Dubai DANET MALL.

Guanzhu Ceramics is good or not - advantages

1. Domestic large-scale ceramic production enterprises adopt Italian advanced equipment + modern management, have a group of high-quality employees, strong product research and development strength + innovation ability, and laid a leading position in the industry. :

2. Variety, full specifications, fashionable, with high cost performance.

3. High quality and stable quality.

4. Extensive and smooth sales network.

5. The market popularity and reputation rank among the top in the industry; it has been named "China Building Ceramic Industry Famous Brand, China Ceramic Industry Famous Brand Product", and has been recognized as "China Famous Trademark, Guangdong Province Famous Trademark" and won the 7th China Antique Tile Summit Forum Product Innovation Award, Wells “Golden Rust Home” and “Strolling Castle” antique bricks passed the provincial new product appraisal and was recognized as the leading domestic level. And was honored as "2008 Chinese Designer Ceramic Ceramic Products Favorite" honor list.

6. Scale advantages: The production scale is the precedent of the same industry, with strong supply capacity and stable product quality to meet the country's supply needs.

7. Supporting advantages: The product is complete, not only meets various construction requirements, but also provides designers with a more free and more flexible pattern collage program.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of Guanzhu Ceramics' knowledge of the characteristics and advantages of Guanzhu Ceramics. In fact, ceramics are very common in our daily lives, so choosing a good ceramic is a very important task. Guanzhu ceramic quality is good, quality guaranteed. And there are perfect after-sales advice and services.

Crown beads ceramics are good

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