Three thousand squares and bunny rabbits, what to prepare before laying the floor

In recent years, there are many brands of floorboards, which makes it difficult for small partners who want to lay floors at home. Which dozens or even hundreds of brands to choose, ah, many brands of floors have their own characteristics? Is it right ? So the following Xiao Bian gave everyone a talk about 3,000 squares and rabbits, which is better ? What should be prepared before laying the floor?

One, three thousand and baby rabbit which is good

Three thousand squares and bunny baby which is good - three thousand square

The 3,000-square-meter company is an early-stage enterprise that serves as a tri-service cyanamide decorative board. It originally produced cabinets, wardrobes, and other products. Although it is not a domestic first-line brand, it has a lot of fame in the industry. Their home is near. Only a few years ago began to do floor materials products, the quality of the 3000-meter E0-class Yankee multi-layer love-resistant board is very good, is the biggest feature.

Three thousand squares also produce the entire house with the same color plate, line type matching system, its cost-effective, many home decoration choice, is a very professional sheet metal brand.

Three thousand square and bunny which is good - bunny

Bunny plate is the first of China's top ten brands. It was established in 1993 and has a history of more than 20 years. It is a leading company in the production and sales scale of decorative plywood industry in China, and it is also a listed company brand in plate brands.

Bunny Flooring Co., Ltd. is an integrated supplier of interior decoration materials. Its home business covers a wide range of products. It mainly produces eight major product lines including plates, floors, wooden doors, veneers, wardrobes, functional wood, sheet adhesives, and decorative hardware. There is a very complete industrial chain, and its product quality is excellent. Raw materials are purchased globally.

Second, what to prepare before laying the floor

1, measuring area

Before paving, it is necessary to accurately measure the area, length and width of the room, and estimate the required floor area. On the basis of the area of ​​the room, 5% of the amount of wear must be reserved.

2, finishing cleaning

Before the construction, all the debris such as floating ash, residues, and mortar on the ground must be removed and the ground must not contain any floating soil or waste.

3, leveling

The floor covering is to be done after the introduction of indoor shelter projects, hydropower projects, ceiling decoration and wall plastering works. It is necessary to do leveling before paving.

4, trial shop

The trial shop is mainly used to determine the direction of the pavement, the paving method, the paving time, the number of pavements, etc., so it is necessary to unpack the floor for trial shop.

5, insect powder

The final step before the laying of the floor is also very critical and must be sprayed with insect powder to prevent insects and termites.

Editor's Note: The above is about the three thousand and the baby bunny which is good and what to prepare before laying the floor, good flooring brand is not good enough to pick, this time you can determine a few brands to compare the choice is simple. The preparation before paving the floor can't be ignored.

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