How does the decoration design charge the design fee in the total renovation fee?

Most of the decoration companies have used free design slogans to attract the owners. Is it really necessary to use such an important design in the decoration? I believe many owners have this problem. In fact, the fees for many professional designers are not low. , Free design is only included in the design fee in the decoration fee, then it's proportion is it? How does the decoration design charge ? Let's take a look.

First, how to charge for decoration design

How to charge for decoration design ? In fact, different designer fees are different, and different room type design fees are also different. Now Xiao Bian uses the price of a complete set of design solutions created by a professional decoration designer to tell everyone:

How to charge the decoration of different houses Design fee (for reference only)
One bedroom with a building area of ​​80 square meters or less 1500 yuan
Two-bedroom apartment with a floor area of ​​120 square meters or less 2500 yuan
Three-bedroom apartment with a floor area of ​​150 square meters or less 3500 yuan
Double-decked building with a building area of ​​200 square meters or less 4500 yuan
Villa package design drawings 8,000 yuan

Second, the design fee in the total decoration costs accounted for how much

Want to know the proportion of the design fee in the total renovation costs, we must know what the total renovation charges are like, in general, the total cost of decoration is mainly includes the material fees, labor costs, design fees, management fees and decoration companies The profit, of which the design fee is the smallest of all the fees, the charge for these costs is:

1, material fee

The material fee is a very important component in the total project cost, which accounts for 40%-45% of the cost, most likely to affect our decoration budget, the more material fees, the higher the decoration costs, and the grade of materials directly determines the decoration. How much the cost, but also the decoration of the project, the amount of work will affect the cost.

2, labor costs

Labor costs are usually calculated on a daily basis. It is the sum of the wages of all workers during the time period. Each worker’s daily wages are multiplied by the number of people and the number of days. Artificial prices can be calculated, which generally accounts for 18% of the total project cost. About 25%.

3, design fee

The focus of this article is the design fee. It only accounts for 3%-5% of the total cost. Although the proportion is not large, the actual cost is still quite a few. The costs incurred by the design are related to the owner's mentality. They think that this is not a small expense. Therefore, a decoration company that has a free design signboard is more attractive to owners. Actually, free design still has payment, but there is no concept of charging.

4, management fees

The management fee refers to the expenses incurred by the decoration company in the decoration process, such as car departures, personnel assistance in buying materials, attendance supervision, and coordination. This cost is also unavoidable, accounting for 5-10% of the total construction cost.

5, profit

The decoration company as a service must be profitable. Generally, a house is renovated and can have a return of about 15-20%. Of course, different decoration methods are used, and the benefits are different. The street guerrillas generally have a profit margin. Less, but security is not guaranteed, and the drawbacks are also very obvious. The formal decoration company's craftsmanship and quality are better and more secure.

Editing summary: The above is about how to charge for decoration design , and how much the design fee occupies in the total renovation fee. I believe that after Xiaobian’s sharing, everyone should have a general understanding of the cost of decoration and design, and hope to have it for everyone. help. If you want to learn more about decoration, you can pay attention to this site.

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