Closing of Labor Insurance Association: Exhibitors are running! !

In early spring, sing songs in Shanghai. From April 11th to April 13th, the 96th “Labor Protection Association” for “Love” has the strongest lineup in history, demonstrating the largest scale, most influential and longest-established industry event in the field of domestic safety and health protection. Bringing new products, new technologies, new technologies, new trends, and new cooperation to audiences at home and abroad, triggering higher attention, setting off more trendy spots, and once again becoming a leader in technological innovation, cutting-edge products, business cooperation, and industry trends. The popularity of the exhibition site, the forum activities were packed, the T-Taiwan trend was hot, negotiations negotiated full return.

Full harvest exhibitors, exhibitors have expressed feelings

An old friend of the Labor Insurance Association, Jian Steel, exhibited products for anti-falling systems, safety belts, horizontal lifeline systems, speed differentials, and other booth customers. Said that the exhibition was very satisfied with the results.

Exhibitors expressed their opinions one after another. Certainly it was also the power that inspired us to move forward. We also thanked us for the voice of our opinions and suggestions. It is our direction to become better!

The next stage of investment is hot, channel big coffee heard from the news

On April 9th, the 96th "Labor Protection Association" has not yet been opened, and the next investment promotion office has already begun to "take the lead." Landing Shanghai took advantage of luggage to go straight to the next investment promotion office. It has become the practice of many labor insurance companies, and the time is only for the early selection of the ideal location. Because once it is launched, it is not easy to squeeze into the front row of the investment promotion desk. Until the last day of the 13th session, the office desk of the China Merchants Group was still in full swing, and exhibitor representatives seized the last moment to register. As of 9:00 am on the 13th, the number of bookings for the 97th “Labor Protection Association” booth has exceeded 80%, and nearly 400 contracts have been signed. Although there is not much left blank booth, but one after another company representatives rushed to the Merchants Office, grab the "last train", and strive to win more business opportunities for next year. This is the vitality of the “Labor Insurance Association” and the high level of corporate trust in the exhibition.

In the next exhibition cooperation, following the e-commerce giant eBay settled in the “labor insurance club”, and after several successful cooperation, Alibaba Express also heard the news, and discussed the cooperation plan with the organizers, ready to debut next year's show. Therefore, this year's 97th "Labor Insurance Association" channel on the big coffee will be debut, opening up new channels for exhibitors, new services, new business opportunities bring more surprises.

In addition, the 97th "Labor Protection Association" also has a "gift pack" waiting for you to come, that is, the next publicity area advertising. In the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Mango Hall South Square, East Square, exhibition hall wall printing and other exhibition hall advertisements and brochures color pages, conference materials and other printed materials, as well as the "labor insurance club" official website propaganda window, choice, intensity, A wide area, the price close to the people.

Successfully leave Shanghai for a good night and come to you for love in Changsha

The site of the 97th “Labor Protection Association” in Changsha will lead thousands of PPE products from more than 600 labor protection product manufacturers, and will fully provide safety and health protection products for Hunan, Fujian, Chongqing, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong and Hubei. Demand to provide quality products and upgrade standards.

Love Poly Changsha, "Xiang Xiang" pro-"Xiangxiang" love, I believe that as the industry's trend indicator and barometer, the new "labor insurance club" on high-quality, high-tech lead PPE products will fully show a new perspective of caring, leading the industry new technology, for You present new changes in the industry, new models, and new trends. The trumpet of the new era sounded and the Chinese dream guided the course. In October of the golden autumn, our Orange Island heads "Hunan" gather!

From October 26 to October 28, 2018, the 97th "Labor Protection Association" will once again blow up the assembly number in Changsha, "Star City," and use its status as an industry to lift the banner of gathering elites, selecting quality products, and leading the trend.

In April we hung on the banks of the Huangpu River in spring, and in October we met in the late autumn.

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