The new house decoration Feng Shui pay attention to do not pay attention to these you are waiting for a loss

It is said that the decoration is a ground-breaking project, which is not only a very complicated process, but also a great joy for every family. After all, it is a new house to be renovated. However, everyone hopes that the decoration can be carried out smoothly and safely. Therefore, the feng shui problem of new house decoration cannot be ignored. Then, what are the feng shui of the new house decoration ? What follows?

1, select auspicious days to start

The start of construction of renovation must choose an auspicious day for the day. Generally, there are days for suitable earthmoving on the yellow calendar. Therefore, the owners may wish to look at the calendar before starting construction. Usually, everyone will choose to take 6 and 8 days. In addition, there are conditions on the day of the construction, but also a simple ceremony, that is, the main foundation of the sacrificial offering ceremony, firecrackers, incense paper, etc., specific details vary from place to place.

2. Participants investigate in advance

The decoration is started by Tudgley, and the participating members of the decoration ceremony are quite particular. Like the start ceremony, if the construction team is not a member of the family who has funerals for a week, the wife is pregnant and it is better not to appear on the day of construction. Renovation scene; There are many places that require the presence of other women besides the homeowner. If the homeowner happens to be on leave, it is also necessary to avoid it.

3, pay attention to the size details

Starting earthwork is more demanding on the details of dimensions. Before the construction ceremony, if it is a home improvement, ensure that the door covers, kitchen stoves, etc., have a height that matches the size of the feng shui; if the office is renovated, you must pay special attention to the size of the office door and the size of the desk. Feng Shui problem.

4, follow-up considerations

After the start of the ceremony, it will enter the construction stage. This stage is also the feng shui of the new house renovation . At the beginning of the renovation, the hydropower was renovated. Note that the water pipes cannot pass through under the door. If the decoration materials are corrupted, the renovation site should be cleared immediately, and the construction personnel cannot paint the walls. It is impossible to write some unlucky words or pictures. If they are found, they should be cleaned in time. clean. In addition, it should be noted that construction tools, such as hammers, iron clamps, etc., cannot be left on the construction site. If the tool is accidentally left on the ceiling, it will be pressed on top of the head afterwards, which is not good. There must be studs such as nails and metal rods that are strong enough to not be exposed so as not to injure them.

5. It should also be noted that once the construction project begins, it must be ensured that there are people or sounds in the house every day.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the introduction of feng shui for the renovation of new homes . To sum up, it is not easy to renovate a house because there are many issues that require attention and attention, especially for those who have renovated for the first time, it is necessary to understand the content described above, so as not to affect the residence in the future. The fortune of the person.

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