Small House Decoration Design Tips Small House Decoration Notes

Small villas are less than large villas, but as long as a reasonable design and layout can create a comfortable, warm, atmospheric visual effects. So how can a small villa be renovated? Here we come to a detailed introduction: small villa decoration design skills and small villa decoration notes? I hope that I can give you some help and inspiration.

Small house decoration design skills:

1, small villa decoration design skills - light design

The easiest way to design is to install floor-to-ceiling glass on the wall so that it can double the size of the villa, especially for the longer ones. In addition, large curtains can be installed indoors, which also has the effect of expanding space.

2, small villa decoration design skills --- reasonable space layout

Pay attention to the choice of furniture in the layout, the villa is best not to enlarge the furniture, or too complicated furniture, so as not to be more narrow space. In addition, it is psychologically desirable to move the interior furniture more.

3, small villa decoration design skills --- color matching

Finally, when designing, it is necessary to pay attention to the color match and paint the walls with a light color, so that the space looks bigger. When paired with white or light-colored furniture, it can improve indoor lighting and make the room more spacious and bright.

Cottage decoration note:

1. The pattern of small villas should pay special attention to the living room, which should be placed in front of the living room. Afterwards, it is the bedroom, kitchen, and other functional areas. If it is easy to damage the wealth or affect the health of the family.

2, in the choice of villa location to follow this sentence "do not look at the first look at the water, there is no water to repair the mountain" point of view. Because the inner bends of rivers and lakes are easy to hide gas and get rich, so the villas in the water park can bring more popularity and financial resources to the occupants.

3, the door is a gas port, is an important link for home room ventilation, but also a barrier to the interior space and the outside world. Therefore, it is not possible to have a relative door to the door. Relatively affecting the door will affect the health of the family.

4. Stairs are an important channel for going upstairs and downstairs, and are an important element in the interior decoration of villas. Stairs stress air intake and air-supply, so it's best to build the stairs by the window. In addition, its import cannot be opposite to the main entrance.

Article summary: The small house decoration design skills as well as the relevant knowledge of the small villa decoration notes are introduced here, and there are friends who need to learn more information, please continue to pay attention to this site, we will have more exciting content on offer.

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