To tell you the truth, the key to the decoration of the study is the basic knowledge

For people who love books, regardless of whether the space is large or small, there must be a reading area. A well-planned study room can be said to be the paradise of the family. You can leisurely read books and listen to music, forget the troubles of the world, and indulge in the fragrance of books. but! Before the study room decoration, we must first understand some basic knowledge about study room decoration, why? Because they are the key to study decoration!

This is the central area of ​​the study, and it should be in a relatively stable and well-lit area. This area is mainly composed of desks, workbenches (racks), etc .;

This area is different due to the different functions of the study, and it is also affected by the study area. This area is mainly composed of guest chairs or sofas;

This is an important part not to be missed in the study, generally represented by a bookcase.

Keywords: quiet, high efficiency, large space

Scope of application: large apartment, large space family, people with high privacy protection requirements

The study room is completely separated from other rooms and becomes an independent complete space. This type of study room is less disturbed by other rooms and has a high working efficiency. It is more suitable for library and working study rooms. Private spaces can be maximized. protection.

Keywords: susceptible to interference, high flexibility, and less space occupation

Scope of application: households with small apartments or less free space, people with low privacy protection requirements

The so-called open study is that the study and other rooms are separated and limited by a certain decoration, which has a great decorative effect, but the interference is large and the working efficiency is low.

Open study rooms generally appear in small and medium-sized families. Due to the limited area, there is not enough space to separate them for study. Only an area in the bedroom or living room can be dedicated to work and study.

Keywords: balance between open and closed

Scope of application: people who have small space but have certain requirements for privacy protection

Due to factors such as room type or area, it is difficult to obtain a separate study room. At this time, it is often possible to design a study room from one bedroom to one suite or one end of the bedroom. Setting a wall cabinet between the two can also achieve a relatively independent effect.

In summary, there are actually only five words:

Quiet, Bright, Elegant, Preface, One

A quiet environment helps to concentrate and improve efficiency, which is very necessary for the study.

Therefore, when decorating the study room, you should choose some decorative materials with good sound insulation and sound absorption effect. For example, the ceiling can be made of sound-absorbing gypsum board, the walls can be decorated with soft wallpaper, the floor can be carpeted with good sound absorption, and the curtains should be thicker materials or double layers to block noise and light outside the window.

The so-called bright, in fact, is the problem of study lighting.

Indirect lighting can avoid the visual glare stimulation caused by direct light, and too bright the light will make people feel tired, and it is not easy to concentrate. Therefore, the light of the study room can be treated with indirect light sources, such as placing hidden light sources around the ceiling, which can bring out the calm atmosphere of the book.

In the study of the study, you must fully integrate your taste into the decoration of the study. An art collection, a few beloved paintings or photos, a few hand-painted ink treasures, even a few simple and simple crafts can be The study adds a bit of elegance and freshness.

The study room, as the name suggests, is a room for collecting books and reading books. There are so many kinds of books, and they are often read, infrequently read and collected. Therefore, the books should be stored in a certain category and pay attention to the word "preface". For example, it is divided into writing area, reference area, storage area, etc. to store separately, so that even if the study is organized, it can also improve the efficiency of work.

The study furniture mainly includes worktables, bookcases, chairs and sofas. When purchasing, the furniture in each functional area should be matched as much as possible, with uniform shape and color.

This space, how will you use it, this is a question that must be sorted out first. If you often take work home, or need to work and study here for a long time, you need a more formal study. On the contrary, it can be handled in a way that merges with other spaces.

What do you store here? General specification book? Hardcover in large format? A4 size document file? Will it continue to increase CDs? These things are stored in different ways, and they must be counted before planning proper storage.

Cabinets can be divided into low cabinets, hanging cabinets and high cabinets. Among them, the low cabinet can sometimes be used as an extended side table, of course, at this time its height is the same as the desk, the same is 75 cm.

The wall cabinet can be divided into two types: "cabinet type" and "open shelf type". Things that are messy, important, or do not want to be contaminated with dust can be stored in the cabinet; the ones that are often taken can be used as open shelves; the height of each layer should be between 40 and 50 cm, and the depth is Five centimeters is accurate. The door of the high cabinet is the same as the hanging cabinet, you can choose wooden board, wooden frame glass, or glass door; as for the depth of the high cabinet, it is better to be 45 centimeters.

The partition of the study room does not need to be like a bedroom, considering too much concealment and sound insulation, so a more lively design can be adopted. It is a good way to use the cabinet itself as a partition. Not only can the cost and floor space of the partition wall be saved, but the shape can also be changed in more yuan.

The semi-open space expression technique is often used in study design. The design of sliding doors, folding doors, and even without door leaves, will also present different spatial tones. When the door is opened, the vision penetrates deep into the study room. When you need to be alone, just pull the door piece to enjoy the world of one person.

Don't think that the above content is the same as not said. Although they are simple and easy to understand, they are the most difficult to grasp. If you want to decorate the study , you have to think about it, and then go to solve other problems.

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Study room design

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