Home improvement system, what is the fresh air system?

The fresh air system has been used in home decoration for nearly two years. Many owners are installing fresh air systems. Merchants are also talking about how good the fresh air system is, but what is the fresh air system? Compared with the air purifier, the fresh air system is compared with the air purifier. What's the difference? Let Xiaobian come to your home to install a fresh air system. Why do you want to install a fresh air system? What is the new wind system?


With the development of industry, we usually create a problem of ventilation that can be solved. It is not a gray face or a warm window. It is not particularly fresh, but it does not open the window for a long time and it will feel bored indoors. It takes a long time. For your own health, we need a fresh air system at this time!

The fresh air system is based on the use of equipment to transport fresh air in a closed room. It is excluded from the special equipment and forms an air circulation field indoors to meet the western medicine for indoor ventilation.

So how should the home improvement system be installed?

The first step is to install the host: the home improvement fresh air system is generally carried out after the installation of the water and electricity. First, the positioning should be carried out to determine the position of the main engine, the pipeline, the exhaust vent and the air outlet, and then the installation is started according to the design drawing, generally installed on the balcony or The bathroom, the host should be far away from me, the location must be able to install smoothly, can reduce the resistance of the pipeline and save the pipe, the host is firmly fixed, so as not to operate too loud.

The second step is to install the pipeline: install according to the determined position. The PVC pipeline has a longer life. The pipeline is installed at 1.5 meters every 1.5 meters. The pipeline should be horizontal and vertical, and the joints should be coated with PVC glue. To ensure reliability and prevent debris from entering the pipeline, the installation of the pipeline is completed.

The third step is to install the air outlet and the air outlet: the air outlet is generally installed in the ceiling of the bathroom, the indoor air is exhausted through the air outlet and the main body and then through the air outlet, and the air outlet is generally installed on the window of the living room or the living room. The installation needs to be invisible and arranged in harmony with the interior decoration to be more beautiful in appearance.


The function of the home improvement fresh air system is to convect the indoor and outdoor air and reduce the secondary pollution of the air. The outdoor fresh air will enter the room through the filtration of the host, which makes the indoor air fresher, can make the indoor moisture and moisture dissipate, increase the heat dissipation in the body, can circulate heat and comfortable ventilation, and can cool down when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. Ventilation to restore cooling.

However, the home improvement fresh air system is not equal to the air purifier. The air purifier cannot introduce fresh outdoor air, and only the indoor air can be filtered. The effect of repeated treatment is inferior to that of the fresh air system. The fresh air system is able to continuously exchange indoor and outdoor air, eliminate indoor air and introduce fresh air, which is a very good system.


The fresh air system is also very different from the central air conditioner. The central air conditioner is used to adjust the indoor temperature, so that the house becomes cold and hot, so that people are always in the proper temperature range, and the indoor and outdoor air cannot be replaced and convected. The central air has a fresh air function, but there is no reasonable airflow organization, but the room and the air conditioner form a closed loop, not a real fresh air.

How should ordinary families choose a home improvement system?

Civilian residences generally choose between 0.5-0.8 in terms of the number of fresh air exchanges and ventilation, and the ventilation is relatively poor or the basement can choose ≥1.5 fresh air systems. The fresh air system is especially useful for smog weather, but if the environment is getting better, we can go outdoors to breathe fresh air is the best. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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