Chinese scientists have made important breakthroughs in perovskite solar cells

Perovskite solar cells are rapidly emerging in the field of new photovoltaic technologies due to their advantages of simple preparation, low cost and high efficiency.

Perovskite solar cells can be divided into formal and trans structures according to the device structure. Compared with the formal structure, the trans structure device is simpler in preparation process, can be formed at a low temperature, has no obvious hysteresis effect, and is suitable for traditional solar energy. The advantages of batteries (silicon-based batteries, copper indium gallium selenium, etc.) combined with the preparation of stacked devices have attracted the attention of academia and industry. However, there are still application bottlenecks such as the large gap between the open circuit voltage and the theoretical value, and the low photoelectric conversion efficiency.

With the support of the National Major Scientific Research Program of Nano Research (2015CB932200, Basic Research on Perovskite Solar Cells), Zhu Rui, a researcher at Peking University, Academician Gong Qihuang and collaborators conducted research on trans-structure perovskite solar cells The bottleneck in the photoelectric conversion efficiency, the "guanidine salt-assisted secondary growth" method was proposed, which pioneered the adjustment of the semiconductor characteristics of the perovskite thin film, significantly reduced the energy loss of non-radiative recombination in the device, and improved the device A breakthrough was made in open circuit voltage. For the first time, a high open circuit voltage (material bandgap width ~ 1.6eV) of more than 1.21V was obtained in a trans-structure device.

At the same time, without loss of performance parameters such as photocurrent and fill factor, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the trans-structure perovskite battery is significantly improved-the maximum efficiency of the laboratory reaches 21.51%. Certified by the Chinese Academy of Metrology, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the device is as high as 20.90%, which is currently the highest record of the efficiency of trans-structured perovskite solar cell devices.

This result provides new ideas for improving the efficiency of trans-perovskite solar cell devices and promoting the application of such new photovoltaic devices, which can be further extended to perovskite stacked solar cells and perovskite light-emitting devices, with potential Application prospects and commercial value.

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